First period based in Dryinoupoli

The diocese of Dryinoupoleos or Hadrianoupoleos, based in the city of the same name, the ruins of which are preserved near the village of Sofratika in Dropolis, is one of the oldest and most important in Epirus. Hierarchs of this diocese are mentioned in both Local and Ecumenical Synods (e.g. Bishop Eutychios in the 3rd Ecumenical Synod, Claudius in the 4th and Cosmas in the 7th). The city was destroyed by the Goths in the 6th century. resulting in the seat of the diocese being transferred.

Second period based in the village of Episkopi

This village was formerly called Tegates, but because it was the seat of a bishop, it was called Episkopi. After its destruction by barbarian raids the seat was moved again.

Third Period

During the period from the 12th to the 14th century, the metropolis had its headquarters in the Holy Monastery of Tsepou or High Stone

Fourth period based in Gjirokaster

Here we distinguish some sub-periods, related to the increase of the diocese due to its merger with other dioceses such as that of Heimarra and Delvinos. The milestone date is 1937 when it became the Autocephalous of the Church in Albania, with the Metropolis of Argyrokastro being one of the four metropoles that make it up.