Governing bodies of the Orthodox Autocephalous Church of Albania

Holy Synod of the Orthodox Autocephalous Church of Albania

  • Archbishop of Tirana and all Albania Mr. Anastasios, President
  • Bishop of Berati Mr. Ignatios, member
  • Bishop of Koritsa Mr. Ioannis, member
  • Bishop of Argyrokastro Mr. Dimitrios, member
  • Bishop of Apollonia and Fier Mr. Nikolaos
  • Bishop of Elbasan Mr. Antonios
  • Bishop of Amantia Mr. Nathanael, (Chief Secretary of the Holy Synod)
  • Bishop of Vili, Mr. Asti
  • Protopresbyter Mr. Ioannis Trebitska, (Chief Secretary II)
  • Archimandrite Mr. Kosmas Soviani (Secretary of the Holy Synod)
  • General Clerical Council
  • General Clerical Assembly

Administration of Holy Metropoli of Gjirokaster

  • General Hierarchal Commissioner Protopresbyter Panteleimon Mitrou
  • Representatives to the General Clerical Council:
  • Protopresbyter Ioannis Merkouris and Mr. Thomas Dallas, Dean of Technical Vocational High School "Ap. Paulos" Mesopotamos

Councils chaired by the Metropolitan:

  • Metropolitan Council.
  • Episcopal Court.
  • Monastic Committee.
  • Advisory Board of Education.

Administrative staff.

  • Director of all services, Mr. Orfeas Betsis.
  • Accounting: Mr. Mich. Tarifa and Ms. Efrosyne Dakou.
  • Clerk of Certificates, Mrs. Elisave Siameti

Technical service

  • Director Mr. Orfeas Betsis.
  • Engineer Mr. Stefanos Kotsias
  • Administrator Mr. Christos Nassis.
  • Building maintainer Mr. Evgenios Siametis.