On the day of the Lord's Ascension, the Metropolitan of Argyrokastro, Mr. Dimitrios, supported by the Metropolitan of Amantia, Mr. Nathanael, performed the Inauguration of the eponymous Church in Kakkavia.

Believers from the village, the wider region and even from Greece participated in the overwhelming and particularly moving ceremony of the consecration of the Holy Table, another Church - the fruit of the missionary perspective that the Archbishop of Tirana, Durres and all Albania, Mr. Anastasios opened and has been guiding for thirty years now. On the other hand, the initiative for the specific Holy Temple was started very early by him and his collaborators in the Argyrokastro Diocese, securing the plot, permits and studies.

The specific Holy Church was inaugurated not only on the day of the Feast it celebrates but also in the context of the 30th Anniversary of the reconstitution of the Orthodox Church in Albania, the election and enthronement of Archbishop Anastasios. It symbolizes both the new era that opened with the fall of the communist regime for the freedom of the Church and the fact that Kakkavia, borders in general are conventional concepts just especially in the area of Orthodoxy. The fathers of the group of the Professor of the historic Monastery of Panagia of Molyvdoskepastis (located right on the border of Greece and Albania), father Arsenio, the singers and other collaborators who contributed and helped in today's celebratory ceremonies are proof of this fact.

Students of the older classes of the Educational Schools of the "Breath of Love" Foundation together with teachers also participated with enthusiasm and enjoyed the great and unique blessing of the opening of the Orthodox Church and also of the High Priestly Sermon that followed for the Ascension of the Lord.